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The whole idea for the Super Dolly range of products came about when the now proprietor of Super Dolly was driving long haul from Calgary to Southern California and blew a motor in Salt Lake, Utah. Several hours and six blocks later, in driving rain, he had found enough wood to place under the dolly legs to keep his trailer from sinking into the asphalt. Cold, wet and tired, he figured there had to be something better than this.

His ideas formed and soon began to gather momentum. He was sure the answer lay in some form of plastic product, but every proprietary product and type of plastic on the market fell short.

Not being a chemist, and not knowing an awful lot about plastics he made up his mind to try and produce his own formula for making the right kind of plastic, with almost catastrophic results. Using the oven in his kitchen he almost blew up the house when the heated plastic gave off gasses that ignited and caused an explosion.

Super Dolly Trailer/Bus PadLearning quickly from that experience he decided it was time to invest some money and get qualified engineers involved. It wasn't long before the prototype design for the RV and Trailer/Bus pad was finalized and the product was ready for market.
In order to market the product professionally, Super Dolly Pad (1998) Inc. was formed.

Super Dolly Products are currently sold through a network of dealers in Canada and the United States

If you are interested in becoming a Super Dolly dealer, we currently have opportunities in Eastern Canada, the UK and Europe, South America, Africa and Australia.
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